Long Live the QueenI decided to try out a visual novel for a change in pace and so I got this since it looked cute and the objective of becoming Queen was better than the other visual novels I found that had to do more with romance and hooking up with ten different guys. I don't regret buying this, so far it's been a ton of fun (especially all the ways the dim princess meets her untimely demise).


So, it's more than just a visual novel. It's part life simulation and RPG. You have to build up her stats (royalty, history, faith, archery, etc.) in order to get the story line to change and go in different directions. The first five times I played out the story line I ended up dying. That's not so bad, I actually -wanted- to die in order to get death achievements. The game lets you track other achievements too, like accomplishing different goals (getting flowers from a lady, executing someone, breaking off an engagement, etc.) and obtaining the different epilogues (24 in total).


After maybe ten times playing out different story lines I finally managed to become Queen. Even though I technically beat the game, I still want to go back and unlock all those other things. The ending I got wasn't happily ever after, either. So maybe I can become Queen again without warring and killing off all my citizens. ^_^


You can get the game here: Hanako Games or Steam

You can watch a playthrough on YouTube here: PressHeartToContinue


This game has inspired me to create a new theme for booklikes, so yay for that. It's pink and girly, but I'll probably throw in some different colour packs since not everyone loves pink (even girly girls), after all. My blog is going to look all broken for a while as I work on it, oh well. Hopefully it turns out better than my first theme which I rushed through trying to figure out the template system and might have mucked up a bit on style compromises. :|