Remnants of the Damned - Gavin Hetherington

This isn't really a review and it's more just my thoughts on why this ended up on my DNF shelf. I made it to 12% (Part I Chapter 3 - There's No Place Like Home) and after having a bad book month already, I decided it was best not to continue.


I downloaded this book at Amazon (for my Kindle) while it was free (it might still be?) after following the author here on BL and getting the impression that he's a nice guy that's trying hard to get his start in the writing world. I knew it was self-published and I have heard rumours about what this means. I've never read a self-published before (and if I have I might just have been ignorant to the fact) but I guess this book fits the bill to the rumours I've read about.


I get the feeling that the author might be better with coming up with stories and not so great in the writing department (yet). The four chapters I read were not fleshed out at all and seemed more like what you'd write down as the ideas are flowing through your head (first draft). I had the feeling that I was eavesdropping on someone retelling a story that someone else might have told them.


I have other notes and stuff but meh, I don't think I need to add it here. I'm just going to say that all writers start at this place at some point in their lives. Writing isn't something you are born being able to do, it's something that you have to work your ass off to do well. I hope the author isn't discouraged by this (he follows me and might read this which makes me a little nervous), but instead takes this as incentive to continue polishing his writing style.


This has inspired me to write another review... one on self-editing that I read last year. That's what's coming up next, so unless I get side-tracked, should be my next review (real one this time). :)