The Little Book of Self-Editing for Writers - Bridget McKenna

I first read this on the author's website last year as I was trying to motivate myself to start my second (or third?) revision on a novel I wrote that was at 140k words that I needed/wanted to dwindle down to 90-100k words. I was planning on shipping this off to a copy editor too, so I also wanted to get it in well enough shape so that the manuscript would not be returned/rejected with an angry note.


I really -really- hate editing... but the tips I found on this website were refreshing. She approaches giving advice in a way that makes it sound like fun, her attitude comes off like how a friend would speak and not like some snooty tooty know-it-all (I have a hard time reading non-fiction, so this helped me). Part 2 in her series is titled, "Vampire Verbs, Zombie Verbs, and Verbs that Kick Ass"... need I say more?


She offers up clear advice on what to look out for with examples... several great examples. She covers how to strengthen your writing and how to become more confident in your own voice (those blasted fish tails!), which I think is something new writers struggle with often. I don't want to give a run-down of what each part of the series is about... so I'm cutting this short with the following:


This book is great for beginners and even for those who are more seasoned but might need a little refresher course every now and then.


You can read parts 1-12 on her website for free, here:

Self-Editing for Everyone Part 1: The Most-Hated Writing Advice Ever



I forgot to mention why I gave this a 4 and not a 5. The e-book had some errors and considering it's a book about editing, I think it should have been put through a tougher inspection. Also, the website series has lots of pictures that go with the articles that made it more fun. The Kindle edition doesn't have any of those. :( Still, if you find the website helpful, buying the book helps let the author know you've appreciated her work. Yep. :P