I'm reading The Darkest Kiss (book #2 of the Lords of the Underworld series) ATM and, sadly, I am hating it. The female and male lead are just UGH! annoying. It is reading like book #1 done over again with different characters (same love at first sight bullshit). Worse, the characters don't have any redeeming qualities so I am not laughing at all at the cartoon nature that won at least half a star for book #1.


Why did I post a video along with this post? The visual of this video is how I am seeing things in this book. Anya (the female lead) is a combination of both Grimes and the pink haired girl in the video. Sorry. This is not romantic or erotic. This is cringe cringe cringe. FUUUU!!! the virgin card is being played again in this one too and there is a slut shaming vibe I'm getting... someone save me!


And, don't get me wrong either. I love Grimes... I listened to Visions on repeat a couple years ago so much that when I just listened to this video I was brought back to other books that I actually enjoyed.


Sure I rated each of these 3 stars, but that's good IMHO. I'd recommend them and am happy with the memories I can conjure from them. The book I'm reading now, no. Just NO. It's as bad as Dark Duet #2 and I'm still trying to scrub that book from memory. Le sigh~