the GazettE - Cassis (Live)

I had come up with a plan to have scheduled posts for the days of the week... today was supposed to be 'Monday Musings' and I had planned on going over some of my thoughts on negative book reviews from authors/writers that was mentioned last week on Lilia's blog titled Negative Reviews and Me.


Welp, the day for getting those thoughts out will have to wait. I've been having a series of migraines plague me this last month leaving my brains pouring out my ears. Not a big deal, I've had migraines for about 20 years so I'm quite used to their visits. Just a FYI* as to why I am posting a video instead and changing Musings to...


Music Monday! Yes, a perfect replacement for those seeking new experiences in the world of music and thought provoking lyrics. The video above is a song about the struggles of love and relationships, sad but also beautiful. **Like a pro, I forgot the lyrics. English and Romaji.


*I'm aware no one has a clue about Monday Musings having been a planned thing. I'm just downright silly at times. ^_^