Sword and Laser - Author Spotlight: Chuck Wendig


Sword and Laser is a book club/podcast/video show that I highly recommend to anyone that loves Science Fiction and Fantasy. Yesterday's show was spotlighting the author, Chuck Wendig. I have heard things, here and there, about him... but I haven't gotten around to reading any of his books. I have visited his website a few times (after Google searching for writer's advice) and I do remember that I found his blogging style entertaining.


I woke up this afternoon to find that his book, The Blue Blazes, is one of today's Kindle Daily Deals. I just can't resist these $1.99 deals! I'm pretty sure I'm going to love this... dark fantasy, copious amounts of foul language, criminal and supernatural underworlds... perfect! I'm going to try to fit this read in at the end of the month, here's to hoping that I won't be disappointed.