Rise & Fall by The Cinematics

I've been on a post-punk revival/indie binge lately... so here is a little known group that broke up shortly after their 2nd album. I guess they are even less known now because of that. Still, they had some great tunes! :)


On an unrelated note, I've been obsessing over a video game these last few days. It's kind of like Sim City on a smaller scale and with more attention towards the citizens. So far I really suck at this game, hah! I haven't reached any achievements and my town just starts dying of starvation at 100 peeps regardless if I set down more gatherers/fishermen/hunters. There has to be a trick and I will discover it! :D


The most amazing thing, it is developed by just one man! The downside to this is that game bugs might take a while to fix... but I haven't encountered any game breaking bugs yet and I seriously played the hell out of this over the weekend. So yeah, if you have OCD type symptoms, beware of this game. If you can control yourself (unlike me!), check this game out... it's only $20!


Banished Game Website