Velvet Acid Christ - Ghost In The Circuit


This band lands in my top five all time favourites. It's kind of odd to call this a band... it's mostly just a one man band. I'm not even quite sure which genre to place this in, for anyone that is curious if they would enjoy this. Dark industrial, synth, electronic with loads of samples. That sounds about right.


I do feel that I should give a warning of sorts since the above song is a -much- lighter track that is purely instrumental. Many of this bands songs contain samples... sometimes samples that can be disturbing to those of a timid disposition. The vocals also have distortion going on... I've heard it described as sounding demonic but I find it soothing and sounding more like what I'd imagine a machine sounding like if it could sing.  So, before you go out looking for other songs by this band, be aware of that. If you love hearing strange sounds, like what you'd imagine someone choking on blood would sound like... or the screams of someone taking a knife to the gut... then proceed with open arms. If you are a fan of all things horror, you will probably fall madly in love. ;)


On a side note, I should have a book review up by tomorrow. It took me a long time to read The Golem and the Jinni... but that was mostly my own fault for spreading my time so thin on lots of nonsense. It was a fantastic book that I am still trying to process so that my review isn't scattered or too short. It will probably still end up being scattered... that's just my review style, I suppose. :)