Oingo Boingo - Private Life


I was talking with my sister earlier and she was telling me how she's been depressed. She gets home from work and then sits at her computer for 6 hours reading reddit or watching dramas and then staggers to bed to pass out. At this point she says, "this is my daily life." And, being the great sister that I am, I bust up laughing. She asks, "WHAT?!" I start singing, "this is my daily life... come and get me out of here~"


We both laughed up a storm. My sister and I went through an Oingo Boingo phase... the two of us would chant these songs out in public and no one knew what the hell we were on about. Just for a moment imagine two young girls singing "Little Girls" as random people walk by and gasp in horror. Mwa hahaha! ^_^




*click more for the "Little Girls" video*


Oingo Boingo - Little Girls