I'd like to get some input on what everyone out there might be interested in for their blog theme/template choices. All suggestions are welcome! Links to blog themes you've seen somewhere that you'd like to see here, share! Customisation options that you want or even those you don't like. All feedback is important, even suggestions that are way outside possibility. :D


I won't be creating any themes identical to linked suggestions, but I will take a close look at the parts that look the best and figure out a way to implement them here. All suggestions I get in the comments to this post will be kept under consideration for the next theme I create. So, although I have a theme in the works atm... suggestions here will be put forth towards the theme I submit in June or July.


As for the theme I am currently working on, it will be a theme that is much different from what is available at the moment. Instead of having a right or left sidebar, this theme will have a fixed top bar. I am also playing with ways to display content. I've long wanted an ability to sort my posts based on review or misc. junk and so I have been playing with AJAX to find a way to do that. I'm also toying with the idea to use an infinite scroll option for the blog view, if I can get that to work I might also work on another theme for users who enjoy posting images so that it has a photograph album sort of look, like you find on many a tumblr designs.


I've already finished the design part, so now I am moving on to the coding implementation stage. I'm aiming to have it finished by mid-May, I'll post an update with more information and links to check out the design around that time.