Last Tuesday I kinda, sorta destroyed my Windows registry. I tend to do this every other year or so, because I'm pro like that. I spent most of last week looking for ways to recover the system, from using an image I had burnt to disk to just loading up Linux to at the least recover the data I hadn't backed up in the last three months. I always get lazy with backups after a year or so following a meltdown... I never learn.


Fortunately I recovered all my data and just formatted the beast. Whatever I mucked up with the registry was so bad that none of the sane recovery methods were working. Anyway, by Wednesday night I had Windows reinstalled and it took until Thursday night to apply all the updates and get my drivers and all that back in working order. I spent all Friday customising everything back to the way it was since I'm super anal about how my desktop and apps look. x_x


Now it is Sunday night and I'm still having issues. I basically have to redo a bunch of things to get things working smoothly because I am nuts when it comes to getting this machine to pump out the most power it's capable of. This just so happens to be a dangerous sort of activity and a moment ago I had my video card choke. So... yeah, my system still isn't stable yet and I don't imagine it will be for another week or so as I hunt down every little tweak to get it humming along peacefully again.


I was supposed to write my review on Kill the Dead last week... it's still fairly well stored in my memory so if all goes well I should have that review up by tomorrow night. I'm half way finished with Heart-Shaped Box so just maybe I'll have two reviews up in the same week. If I just disappear and stop providing loving to everyones posts... just assume my laptop imploded again and I'll be back whenever possible.