Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos Live


I keep forgetting about Music Mondays! Well, I haven't been listening to much of anything else as I've been binging on Tori in preparation for her upcoming concert (next month, woo!). I've mostly been listening to her new album on repeat... I didn't take well to this album but now after about the 100th (lmao, I've edited this number 3 times now) play, it's growing on me. My favourite song off this new album is titled Weatherman. Been looking through videos of her current tour on youtube all day trying to pick a song, here were the runner ups!


Oysters (new)


Space Dog


Also, it looks like she's doing covers again this tour. Yay! Here is one of her performing Madonna's Frozen. Still, nothing holds up to this version of Running Up That Hill/God mix she did in 2005. Have I mentioned she's my all time favourite performer? I've seen her live so many times and I'm always weeping at some point. Good weeping. :)


*Linking the videos since I don't want to bomb the dash feed and I know some people just don't like this artist. *cries*