I spent most of my day looking after these little munchkins. The story goes that they were found in a garden... the mother cat had four, took two and abandoned these remaining two for ten hours before the neighbour took them in. The black kitten was super sweet and quiet, the brown kitten was mewing his little heart out and crawling all over the place.


I hope they make it without their momma cat or that she returns later in the night to take them away. They have to be fed every two hours and you need to rub them to make them pee/poop. Super adorable but such a handful! Somewhat relieved I was just the babysitter and slightly concerned for my neighbour because she's in her 70s and well, that's a lot of responsibility.


A couple more pictures. :D


In other news, I will have a tag post up later tonight or tomorrow. Followed by my book review for Heart-Shaped Box.


I've been struggling to keep a schedule these last few weeks so everything is just all over the place. I keep piling on things to do even before I finish doing other things. I feel like I'm at a very chaotic place at the moment and hoping that it passes soon. It took me nearly a month to read Heart-shaped Box! That is so not right because the book was great. I'm also about 80% done with the BookLikes theme I've been working on, hope to have that finished up before the month is over.


The other things I've been working on are portraits for all the characters in the series I'm writing which first started from an idea of creating a Wiki to keep track of things easier. So working on those things are time consuming but also so unnecessary. I do these types of crazy things as a way to procrastinate editing. So sad that I know this and yet do nothing to stop my stupid behaviour. It's either procrastinating or some weird side-effect from being unemployed for so long. Whichever is the cause, it better end soon or I might just lose my mind. :P