World After - Susan Ee

Alright, I read this one much quicker than the first. Maybe others also complained about not giving the MC enough breathing space to grow since this one was 80% all about the MC with a little angel action thrown in towards the end. Unfortunately, this did not save the book. It was, again, just an okay read.


I've been thinking about what went wrong with this book and I keep landing on two things. First, for most of the book I simply felt like this girl could have a better life if she just ditched her family. It's great that she's all about family... but it seems to be such a drag and I often got the impression that the MC was so damn tired having to have so much responsibility. Second, she doesn't have anyone outside her mom and sister. Where are her friends? Where are the supporting cast that actually matter? Yeah, yeah... there is the angel. But he's like hundreds of years older than her and that match just gives me the creepies. Basically, there isn't enough outside of a girl with problems and a mission to fix those problems. It's tiring for the reader as much as it is for the character.


I didn't like the dream stuff with her sword. It was part of what the first book suffered from: too convenient situations for almost everything encountered. Oh, the MC doesn't know how to wield a sword? *the author must have forgotten to give her Kendo instruction in the first book!* Well, let's have her learn while dreaming. Yeah. It's funny because I actually experience learning while dreaming ALL THE TIME (especially if I'm working on scripting a program.... although those dreams suck!) but this was just so blah. I would have even liked a more convenient option of just having the sword move her body to where it needs to be at... so, I guess maybe it was all the eaves dropping on the angels past that bothered me? I don't know, just that those chapters were not my favourites.


With all that said... I still enjoyed the book enough to finish reading it and I will be checking out the third book when it becomes available (as long as it's also part of the lending library). I enjoy the fictional world Ee has built here, it just isn't anything mind blowing like I had expected.


Oh, and there was a secondary character that I did like. I just have a thing for villains, I suppose, but Beliel won me over with his little worm talk. Also, what happened at the end to him was hilarious. Probably my favourite scene out of the entire book. :D