Archangel - Sharon Shinn

This book had great world building and characters. I loved all the science fiction elements that had me imagining all sorts of crazy ideas. The author did a fantastic job at providing just enough information to really hook you in to wondering how and why the world these characters inhabit came about.

The characters and their development were spot on for their personalities. If you've ever known a stubborn person, the main character pretty much fit the bill to a T. She did become a bit aggravating because of this personality trait, but she often had every right to her behaviour based on her history. As for the male lead, I liked him and I didn't like him. It was a little creepy how possessive he was, the god says you're mine SO YOU ARE MINE! Hah, maybe it wasn't supposed to come off that way but that's how I interpreted it.

I got teary eyed around the half-way point, which is probably what earned this book a near 4 stars. I don't often have emotional responses to what I read (excitement, laughter or curiosity, yes. anger, fear or tears, nope.) but this one really touched me. On the other hand, there were many scenes that were just not that amazing. Raphael on the mountain, for instance. That was a fairly weak scene (or maybe just hilarious) and I wanted more! More information on the weapons he had... something! But I suppose I should read the next book in the series and maybe there is more about the world's history in those.

The writing. At the beginning it was TERRIBLE. There was a ton of he smiled, she smiled, everyone damn well better smile before saying anything! The author seemed uncertain of her voice at the start, often describing too much that it came off amateurish. However, after several chapters the author really got a grip over the narration and it started to flow much better.

I think it was because of this writing style that I was unable to read it front to back in one sitting. I would read a chapter or two and then put it down for a day or two. It took me almost two weeks to finish, but in the end, I am glad that I finished this one.


Book Notes:

Read: 2014 January 17 - 29