Thanks for the tag, Murder by Death. Let's see...


BOOKLET OR TOME? Tome. I love world building and character development which can sometimes be skimped on in shorter books.


PRE-OWNED OR NEW? Pre-owned... an old paperback... they just smell so great!


HISTORICAL FICTION OR FANTASY? Fantasy... I prefer to be transported to unknown lands with mystical creatures and magic!


HARDCOVER OR PAPERBACK? Hardcover for display, paperback for my comfort (small hands) and did I mention the smell?! :D


FUNNY OR SAD? A sprinkling of funny... sad moments can be a real downer sometimes.


DO YOU PREFER READING IN SUMMER OR IN WINTER? Winter&Spring I spend reading,  Summer&Fall I spend writing... I feel I can get more engrossed in a book when it's cool and I can wrap myself in a blanket for comfort.


CLASSICS OR MAINSTREAM? A little bit of both, I've been trying to read more mainstream lately.


GUIDEBOOK OR FICTION? Fiction. I can't recall the last guidebook I owned.. if I need a how-to I usually just watch a video or find a website.


CRIME NOVEL OR THRILLER? Thrillers... mostly psychological/paranoid types. A combo crime/thriller or mystery/thriller also hits the spot.


E-BOOK OR PRINT EDITION? E-book... look below for why.


COLLECTING OR CLEARING OUT? I am a book hoarder. I have books everywhere, on bookshelves where they belong, of course, but also stacked on the floor, on tables, my garage is packed like a comic book store... and inside cabinets that are supposed to be used for towels/bedsheets/etc. Since running out of room I have turned to collecting books on my Kindle.


INTERNET OR BOOKSTORE? Lately, more an Internet purchaser. I do love visiting bookstores and comic book stores when I'm feeling up to it.


BACKLIST OR NEW PUBLICATION? Back-list. I rarely buy books right as they are released unless there is a fantastic sale going on for it. XD


BEST OR BAD SELLER? I don't trust best sellers all too often but I think this is kind of related to the last question... I don't read books that are being hyped or that are 'trending'... I wait years and years until no one is talking about them anymore which maybe means they aren't selling as well by then? I don't know!


COOKBOOKS OR BAKING BOOKS? Baking. I don't enjoy cooking, but I do enjoy making cakes and pies for birthdays and special occasions. I love decorating baked goods. :D


If you don't want to participate don't feel pressured but I am tagging.... :)