Joining in on the fun! If you want to do the meme, just copy my post and replace my answers with your own. All of these are optional, so go with what feels comfortable for you.

Name: Lee - My nickname/shortened version.

My name means 'torch'. Feel free to guess in the comments. :D

Age: 33

Location: California, USA

When did you learn to read?

Two or three? My mother was obsessed with teaching me how to read.

Favorite book genres:

Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction or anything with a Paranormal edgeI love mythology!

Do you write as well?

Yes. Speculative Fiction, mostly. No one can resist writing Erotica, right? Right? ^_^

Do you read fanfiction? No. I have mixed feelings about fan-fiction. I do understand why people write it and why other people enjoy reading it... it's just not for me.


Other interests: Music, video games, movies, anime, etc.

Any form of entertainment that can warp me to a different reality.